Hedges Family Estate

Estate grown. Family operated. Biodynamically farmed.

These concepts lay the foundation for Hedges Family Estate, a familyowned property in the heart of Washington wine country. With more than thirty years of vintages behind them, Tom and AnneMarie Hedges can proudly look back at their pioneering efforts to help establish the modern Washington wine industry, and specifically, their efforts in establishing the renowned Red Mountain American Viticultural Area.

Beginning as negociants selling their fi
rst Hedgesbranded Columbia Valley wine to the Swedish government in the late eighties, the Hedges quickly realized the importance of site for producing worldclass wines. Scraping together enough cash for a downpayment, they purchased a fiftyacre parcel on the dusty southwest slope of Red Mountain, a barelyknown growing region at the time. The Hedges then dedicated their lives to spreading the great wines of Red Mountain around the world and have now acquired another seventy acres and built a stunning French Chateau at the center of their organic farm and vineyards.

More than thirty years later, the second generation, Christophe and Sarah, continue their
parents’ vision. With an equal amount of passion for the land, they spearheaded the transition to Biodynamic and organic farming. Now, over half of the vineyards and gardens are Demetercertified Biodynamic, with the rest of the estate in transition.

Through Biodynamic and organic farming and natural winemaking, the Hedges family expresses
the unique characteristics of their five estate vineyards. By farming and winemaking with minimal inputs, they believe they are truly capturing the terroir and showing respect for what nature has provided them. The Hedges family lives and breathes this every day and hopes, that with every glass of their wine, you will feel this energy and connect with the land that provides it.


2200 6th Ave Suite 411
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 741-0212



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