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Three simple words define Seattle Children’s Hospital, Foundation and Research Institute:




Consistently ranked as one of the best children’s hospitals in the country by U.S. News & World Report, Seattle Children’s serve as the pediatric and adolescent academic medical center for Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho – the largest region of any children’s hospital in the country.

For more than 110 years, Seattle Children’s has specialized in meeting the unique physical, emotional and developmental needs of children from infancy through young adulthood.
Through the collaboration of physicians in nearly 60 pediatric subspecialties, they provide inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic, surgical, rehabilitative, behavioral, emergency and outreach services – regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Proceeds from Auction of Washington Wines benefit Seattle Children’s in three important areas:

Uncompensated Care

Seattle Children’s is committed to caring for all children in our region, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Through their unsurpassed quality of clinical care, relentless spirit of inquiry and compassion for children and families, they are driven by the belief that every child should have the opportunity to live a healthy and full life.

In 2017, Seattle Children’s provided more than $164 million in uncompensated care for medical expenses and support services. Since 2013, the amount of financial support provided through the uncompensated care fund has increased by 57% and the need is expected to continue to grow.

Because of this vital fund, Seattle Children’s is able to give every child who walks through their door the exact medical care and social services support they need. It’s a place where everyone is on a level playing field, and that can be hard to find in our changing world, particularly within healthcare.

Your support helps ensure that no matter how medically complex or costly a patient’s care may be, Seattle Children’s is able to say yes to caring for all children in our region.

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Cancer Clinical Trials

Internationally known for developing better ways to care for young people with cancers or blood disorders, patients from all over the world travel to Seattle Children’s to take part in research studies of new options that are available only through clinical trials.
The clinical trials lead by doctors at Seattle Children’s are reducing the harsh side effects of treatment, changing the standard of care and improving the outlook for children with cancer.
With less than 4% of federal cancer research dollars funding pediatric oncology studies, donations help researchers pursue ideas that lead to lifesaving treatments for kids with cancer. The knowledge Seattle Children’s gains through cancer clinical trials influences the care provided to all children.


Since opening its doors in 2009, Seattle Children’s Autism Center has become a national model for effective treatment and pioneering research. It is also a vital resource for families throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is the only program in our region that provides diagnosis and treatment regardless of a family’s ability to pay. However, the need is great and growing.

On any given day, hundreds of families are awaiting diagnostic evaluations at the Autism Center— and this list gets longer: they receive nearly 180 referrals each week. Since opening, their patient load has doubled, and patient visits have increased sevenfold, totaling 20,000 annually. The wait for treatment — sometimes up to a year — can be agonizing.

Autism can be one of the most challenging, life-altering neurological conditions families face. Support is vital to expand access and support research for personalized diagnoses and treatments.


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