Culinary Greece

Seven-Night Adventure with Hosts Leslie Mackie and Susan Regis for Two People

As the golden hues of the Mediterranean sun reflect off the tranquil sea, you can’t help but be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Greece in autumn. The gentle breeze carries the scents of the sea and the nearby tavernas and restaurants. The table is set with crisp, white linens, and the soft glow of candlelight flickers in the twilight. Wines pair perfectly with the autumn bounty of Greek cuisine, and you’ll feast on delicious dishes like moussaka, grilled octopus, and slow-cooked lamb, all prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Join Leslie Mackie (founder of Macrina Bakery) and Susan Regis (James Beard award-winning chef) for a week of history, exquisite cuisine, wine and good company!

On your first day, enjoy  a farm-to-table experience at the Kapsaliana Village Hotel in the organic garden and open-air kitchen, followed by a delicious Cretan feast cooked over firewood. Start with a tour at the orchard, filled with vegetables, edible colorful flowers, Cretan olives, as well as aromatic culinary herbs and spices. Dive into a hands-on tutorial where you will prepare a gastronomic menu of authentic recipes cherished by Cretan households and passed on from generation to generation. At the end of each lesson, sit back and savor your meal with the best Cretan wines.

The next morning , you will explore the rugged interior of Crete in a jeep safari. Enjoy a mini wine tour en-route to your lunch venue with spectacular views of  the crystal blue waters of the Libyan Sea. Enjoy an afternoon of goat milking, a visit to a Raki producer (a grape-based brandy) as well as the monastery of St Macrina the younger in Filisia Village.

You will explore the harbor city of Hania, situated at the westernmost side of Crete. Revel in this charming medieval town with some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, intriguing castles, and unique landscape. Learn about the gastronomy of the area with a hands-oninteractive cooking class and lunch in an atmospheric 18th century olive mill in the heart of a traditional village.

The next day, embark for Santorini on a private high-speed ferry to the Vedema Resort that is enveloped among emerald vineyards, gleaming white villas, and the glistening blue sea.  Surrounded by clear turquoise water, Santorini is a sight to behold, clustered with multi-colored cliffs, volcanoes, and miles of sun-toasted sand. You will travel to a local, state of the art winery for lunch and wine tastings that will be followed by a winery tour. Enjoy a panoramic tour of the iconic island, including visits to two local wine producers.. From there, you will head to a late lunch at the Oia Gefsis Restaurant, settled at the center of Oia Village set amongst the beautiful, pristine Aegean Sea. The chefs pride themselves on combining locally-sourced ingredients, imagination, and contemporary techniques to create an experience that will guide you through the gastronomy of Greece. After lunch, enjoy  a short walking tour of Oia, the most picturesque village of Santorini. Wind your way through the idyllic, twisting marble and cobblestone streets while you take in the gorgeous architecture, unique cave houses, and captains’ mansions. 

Immerse yourself in a private cooking class at the home of one of the locals where you and your guests will learn how to cook five traditional Greek dishes. Known for their fresh ingredients, unique flavor components, healthy fats, and lean meats, you will be able to experience first-hand what makes Greek food so special. Afterwards, enjoy the fruits of your labor by dining on  your dinner creations. 

The next day depart for Athens where you will spend two nights at the Royal Olympic Hotel. The 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Athens, directly in front of the famous Temple of Zeus and National Garden and underneath the Acropolis. This classically designed hotel has a rooftop restaurant, outdoor pool surrounded, and luxurious spa. Stretch your legs with a walking tour of Athens, where you will experience one of the world’s oldest cities.. Enjoy a meze lunch in the vibrant Plaka district, one of the oldest sections of Athens. After lunch, you will walk to the Acropolis, one of the most striking and complete ancient Greek monumental complexes that exists in our time. Situated on a hillside, it offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city below. This historic archaeological site is home to the iconic Parthenon and is the cornerstone of ancient Greek civilization. 

The following day, you will partake in  a private four-hour cooking class that starts with a visit to the local market to pick up ingredients and fresh produce. After lunch, you can  explore Athens with a trip to the beautiful boutiques, tour the local art galleries, or explore their extraordinary museums. Toast your last night of your magical week with farewell drinks and canapes overlooking the iconic lights of Athens and the Acropolis. 

After breakfast the final  morning, transfer to the airport for your flight home. 

This lot includes: 

  • Crete: Welcome dinner, Jeep safari, mini wine tour, Lunch, Goat milking and visit to Raki producer and snail farm, visit to monastery of St Macrina 
  • Hania: Tour of the Harbor city and the surrounding area, Interactive cooking class and lunchPrivate high-speed ferry transfer, to SantoriniSantorini: Lunch at a local winery,  panoramic tour, visit to two local producers, lunch at the Oia Gefisis Restaurant
  • Private Greek cooking class and dinner at a local home
  • Air transfers to Athens
  • Athens: Walking tour , Meze lunch in the Plaka district Visit to the Acropolis, Private four-hour cooking class with a visit to the local market and lunch, Farewell dinner 
  • Three nights’ accommodations Kapsaliana Village Hotel in Crete
  • Three nights’ accommodations Vedema Resort in Santorini
  • Two nights’ accommodations Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens

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